We are a small family run business with over 30 years of joinery experience specifically in furniture making, commission work and bespoke fitted furniture. We love what we do, the result of our passion is our customers satisfaction.

It all started from a small garage in a Manchester back garden, now we have grown to a sizeable workshop, offering endless possibilities to feed our creative side. All while living every joiners dream of working on such beautiful pieces.


At Golden ratio joinery we pride ourselves on product quality,  working closely with our customers and staying family focused. Using both traditional and modern joinery techniques, allowing flexibility in our designs while offering a quality product. 

Joiner Northwest

We like to support other small businesses by using locally sourced materials, a lot of our timber is purchased from a forestry whos` profits go back into maintaining local uk woodland. We have access to a wide range of timbers, including many types of oak, rustic pines, Elm, Yew and Walnut to name a few.  The timber is then kiln dried for 2 years, before being machined and processed into stable slabs. These lovingly prepared slabs are what make our furniture very special, with unique grains no two pieces will ever be the same. 

Working with you to find the perfect fit for your home.



Joiner for the Greater Manchester Area